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Consulting Balkan Interim management is a temporary provision of management resources and skills. Our Interim management can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight interim executive manager to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization. In this situation, a permanent role mostly is unnecessary, un wanted or impossible. Consulting Balkan are mostly chosen because, there may be nobody internally who is suitable for, or available to take up, the position in question.


When crisis strikes your business, what can you do? As you try to pick up the pieces, at some point your mind would likely turn to the fantasy of bringing in an accomplished executive with extensive experience in the exact type of crisis your business is experiencing, just long enough to get you through it. That’s no fantasy, though. Such an option exists. It’s called Interim Management, and it’s one of the latest forms of troubleshooting management techniques to emerge in recent years. While similar to bringing in a management consultant, it has striking advantages that can help your business recover far sooner and far more effectively than a management consultant can.


CONSULTING BALKAN has been maintaining an intensive relationship with top managers in central and southeastern Europe for the past forty years, all of whom can be deployed on executive positions such as CEO, CFO and COO in boards and directors or in the role of program manager or process manager in complex projects. Our interim managers are without exception heavyweights, pleasant and nice people to work with, with at least ten years experience in a final responsible position. They connect with your organization or company and know how to make a positive impact from the inside out.


We live in a constantly changing world, a market that demands great flexibility. You have to be able to respond to that as an organization and be able to participate. For example, we radically renewed our old networks and established active communities of CFOs, Healthcare Directors, Retailers, Restructurers and HR managers. Modern, close networks of carefully selected entrepreneurs and managers. With these communities we actively meet the demand from the market. A clear separation of interim and fixed is no longer of this time and we no longer think so. Placing people is custom work and that is where our strength lies.


CONSULTING BALKAN carries out assignments at the highest level at large companies and organizations in all possible sectors. We do this with a large number of colleagues: all driven and effective professionals who know where their like-minded people are. In our database, we also find hundreds of managers who have been widened over the business and public sector in recent decades. With that, CONSULTING BALKANS is rightfully a network house. We know the upcoming talent and the top management of Southeastern Europe. We know where their strength is and what their personal drives and ambitions are. We speak to our interim managers and executives on a regular basis about their motives, experience and personal development. Professional, driven, decisive and binding are the core values ​​that we have in common with them. Of course we also attach a powerful CV and beautiful references. But in our conviction, personality ultimately determines the success of an assignment.


An Executive Interim Manager draws up an action plan that serves as a starting point and benchmark for all parties involved. During the term of the assignment, we guide our executives through intervision, counseling and interim evaluation. All knowledge present at CONSULTING BALKAN about the sector, the sector and your organization will be made available to the candidate in an effective manner during this period. We monitor the quality and keep close contact with the client. An extensive final evaluation marks the end of the assignment. In this way we bring the knowledge and experience that the agency has gained in previous assignments.


An Executive manager of CONSULTING BALKAN level means decisiveness. Solving crises or managing a major change process. Run a heavy program, get a fusion around or temporarily strengthen the fort. You must succeed in your mission anyway. Then you want to make sure that you get the right person on board. At CONSULTING BALKAN you get suitable solutions, the right combination of knowledge, level and character.


CONSULTING BALKAN is the management agency that puts people at the heart of all its solutions. We do this through close networks, development programs and collaboration. We believe in the power of connection, continuous learning and always remain curious.

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